Coyote Slim
All photos of Coyote Slim by "Ian
Herrick" unless otherwise noted.
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Currently based out of Sonoma County, CA Coyote
Slim has performed the blues in California, Arizona,
Oregon, and Sonora, Mexico.
Art runs in Coyote Slim's Family:  Take a look at his
father's watercolor paintings!
Check out some tunes here:  Coyote Slim on CD Baby
Up-coming gigs

Sat Sept 28 2014 9AM -1PM California Ave
Farmer's Market, Palo Alto CA

Fri Oct 3 2014 4PM-7PM Occidental Bohemian
Farmer's Market

Sun Oct 5 2014 10AM-1PM Bodega Bay Farmer's
Market, Bodega Bay CA

Sun Oct 12 2014 9AM-1PM Inner Sunset Farmer's
Market, San Francisco, CA

Wed Oct 15 2014 7Pm Redwood Cafe, Cotati, CA
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Coyote Slim
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"[Coyote] Slim has an authentic blues voice, rich and
powerful, sounding like he was born and raised in the
heart of the Mississippi Delta --
Mark Thompson,
President of
Crossroads Blues Society, Rockford IL
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Golden Gate Blues Society
Rural blues from California!
What is this farm in San Jose Coyote Slim is
always talking about?  It's
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Coyote Slim: California Delta Blues
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"California Delta Blues"
Coyote Slim and Colin Teurfs on
Coyote Slim at the West End Farmer's Market in Santa
Rosa, CA, April 27 2014, photo by Brian Howlett.