The best way to describe the "delta blues" duo
Dry Spell is, "A cowboy bluesman and a
clown-skater-punk-poet walk into a bar. . ."  

The cowboy bluesman is of course, Coyote Slim.  
The skater-punk-poet is the Rain Man, a Santa
Clara native and neighbor of Coyote Slim.  The
two have collaborated musically before during
recording sessions for Urban Res in San Jose.  
Both Coyote Slim and the Rain Man are members
of the Bay Area American Indian community and
Slim, in particular, is often seen at local pow
wows.  Their blues duo appeared on the "scene"
during Open Mic nights at Barefoot Coffee in
Santa Clara in the fall of 2010, when the Rain Man
first picked up the harmonica.

Dry Spell gigged for a brief period in the South Bay
and Santa Cruz in 2011 before Coyote Slim moved
north to Sonoma County..
Dry Spell  Gigs

Thus Feb 10th 2011
Cloud's Downtown in Santa

Sun Feb 13th 2011
Caffe Frascati Downtown San
Many people ask Coyote Slim, "How many people are in
your band?"  to which he usually replies, "I AM the band."  
In his years of playing professionally, he has usually been
a solo artist, but he has appeared on stage at times with
various other musicians.  His short-lived duo/trio Dry Spell,
formed with his neighbor the Rain Man on harmonica and a
few times with Jordan K on bass, is detailed below.

Slim has also played at farmer's markets with his friend and
fellow arborist Peter Whelan on second guitar (a duo they
call "the Orchard Boys").

In 2012 Slim teamed up with Colin Teurfs of Sonoma
County, CA, a virtuoso on harmonica.  Mr. Teurfs performs
as part of the band formerly called Orange Moon when not
appearing with Coyote Slim.  He has joined Slim at several
farmer's markets in the greater Bay Area, as well at the
Hopmonk in Sebastopol, CA, the Aubergine (also in
Sebastopol), and the Penngrove Pub. The two also opened
for Watermelon Slim and Lightnin' Malcolm at the
Sonoma-Coahoma Blues Festival at Lagunitas Brewery in
Petaluma, CA on Aug 25th 2012.  In May 2013 they released
their full-length CD "California Delta Blues." Take a listen
CD baby!
Dry Spell
Colin Teurfs and Coyote Slim at the Rivertown Revival in
Petaluma, July 20th 2013.  Photo by Jessica Rose.
Colin Teurfs with Coyote Slim at Bobby G's Pizzeria in
Berkeley, CA, Nov 9th 2013. Photo by Doug Herrick.
Watch part of a performance of Coyote
Slim and Colin Teurfs in Berkeley, CA,
on Nov 9th 2013.  Video by Bobbi
Catfish Jack and Coyote Slim jam at the West End
Farmer's Market in Santa Rosa, April 27 2014.  Photo by
Brian Howlett.