Coyote Slim's Stolen Guitars
On Friday April 23rd 2010 two guitars, an
amplifier and a bag of clothing and
personal items were stolen from Coyote
Slim at the Kaweah Oaks Preserve
outside of Visalia, CA.

Epiphone Sheraton guitar Ser #
09091501299-- case has a  sticker.

Regal RC-2 metal bodied resonator in
black hard case,.

1957 Silvertone tube amplifier with  sticker.

Please e-mail me at if you
see these guitars.
This guitar, the shirt I'm wearing in this photo,
the vest, and the jeans were all stolen from
my car.
Here's a better look at the Regal RC-2.  The slide is also gone!
Epiphone Sheraton ser# 09091501299.
I've played it at several gigs, this photo was
taken at  JJ's Blues in San Jose, CA.