Coyote Slim's Story
Coyote Slim is a modern songster, who plays traditional blues
and old-time songs often interjected with stories and verses
drawn from his own experiences working in the outdoors in
California's mountains, woods, and urban jungles.

His brand of rootsy, down-to earth blues, which he labels as
"California Delta Blues" is loved by people of all ages and
musical tastes. He has performed at several festivals, recorded
at BigTone studios, and on his own expense produced several
shows in California showcasing other blues talent, an endeavor
he hopes to continue should he climb out of the mountain of
debt he currently finds himself in.

Coyote Slim has been gigging at farmer's markets in the Bay Area
since 2006.  You can also find him at the odd bar or BBQ joint,
when he is not working his day job trying ensure public safety
and prevent wildfires (and pay for the high cost of California
livin').  Coyote Slim is a great act for outdoor festivals, BBQ
joints, and as an opening act for larger blues bands.

The "California Delta Blues" are a living blues form, first brought
to the farmlands and shipyards of Stockton, Richmond, and Los
Angeles by migrants from Texas and Mississippi.  Coyote Slim's
music is the direct descendant of the music of Stockton resident
Mercy Dee Walton (who penned many a blues hit later covered
by notables like Buddy Guy and James Cotton),  Oakland's KC
Douglas, and other Bay Area residents like John Lee Hooker and
Lowell Fulson.  Coyote Slim draws from the rich tradition of
American music that entertains people of all ages.

Contact and booking
Coyote Slim howling at JJ's
Blues on May 22 2008.  
by Doug Herrick.  See videos of
this performance on
Coyote Slim at the Caffe Frascati Open Mic, March 2011.  
Photo by Damian Kelly.
Photo by Lilia Schwartz
Coyote Slim at Bobby G's Pizzeria in Berkeley, CA,
Nov 9th 2013.  Photo by Doug Herrick.
Coyote Slim at the West End Farmer's Market in Santa
Rosa, CA, April 27 2014, photo by Brian Howlett.