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"I believe that an album title should be a
declaration of
bluesiness. "-- Coyote Slim
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Tules!" (2010) Take a listen
CD cover design by Maribel Zarate.


California Delta Blues (2013) -- with Colin Teurfs

"Out in the Tules" (2010)

"Cheap Guitar Blues": the best of "In My Own
Time" and "I Ain't Gonna Do Right Again (2007)-
currently unavailable

"South Bay Jive" (2007) -- currently out of print

"In My Own Time" (2006) -- currently unavailable

"I Ain't Gonna Do Right Again" (2005) --
currently unavailable

Blind Weenie's Blues (2012)
Coyote Slim: California Delta Blues
2013 release: California Delta Blues
Featuring Colin Teurfs on harmonica! Listen
to a sample
here!  Buy a copy through  CD
Available to the public where ever Coyote Slim is
performing! Also at the Last Record Store in Santa
Rosa, Oliver's Markets in Sonoma County, and
Downhome Music in El Cerrito, CA as well as on
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Cover design by Maribel Zarate
Colin Teurfs and Coyote Slim at Red's
Apple Roadhouse in Sebastopol, CA, May 2
2014.  Photo by J. Rose