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"I Ain't Gonna Do No Right Again"   (2005)

"In My Own Time!" (2006)

Independent Release

"Coyote Slim claims to have been struck by the Blues after
experiencing a rattlesnake bite-induced trance whilst hiking in
the Mojave Desert , and the man dubbed "Son House Junior"
attributes his guitar prowess in part to instructions he receives
in his dreams. Apocryphal tales aside, these two self-produced
CDs are a highly accomplished reflection of the 30-something
Los Angeles native's delta Blues influences. Slim's deep and
resonant voice (one of the blackest you'll ever hear from a white
boy) booms out over his acoustic guitar and slide, storming
through renditions of Blues standards such as 'Rollin' And
Tumblin' and Big Joe Williams' 'Baby, Please Don't Go' with an
impassioned urgency that would make the mighty Son House
himself proud. Thankfully though, Slim avoids the trap of merely
regurgitating the songs of the Blues masters, and mixes the
standards with originals such as the excellent 'Slim's Worried
Life Blues', and the captivating instrumental, 'Sahel Stomp'.
Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay these two albums of
moody, atmospheric delta Blues is that they are very often
redolent of Muddy Waters' 'The Complete Plantation Recordings'
- a man who himself idolised a certain Eddie James House JR.
'Son House Junior' indeed…"

Adam Bates -- Blues Matters Magazine
[Coyote] Slim has an authentic blues voice, rich
and powerful, sounding like he was born and
raised in the heart of the Mississippi delta. He
picks out captivating rhythms on his guitar that
dance around his vocal lines. Slim penned
seven of the tunes and most of them sound as
good as the five classic songs that he covers.
Like the best acoustic bluesmen, Coyote Slim
bends and stretches the standard blues formats
into his own style. From one cut to the next, he
dazzles you with outstanding guitar playing and
a voice that was made for a juke joint. And the
performances held up over repeated listens.
Slim certainly made a believer out of me – and
South Bay Jive is highly recommended!!! "

-- Mark Thompson, Crossroads Blues Society, in the
Blues Blast Magazine, April 30th 2009
[Coyote Slim] understands how to sing, and
why it’s important. . . . you should listen to
Coyote Slim. . . . he has R-E-S-P-E-C-T. . . .
when [Coyote Slim] plays and sings, the
sound is alive.
--Preacher Boy
Coyote Slim at the West End Farmer's Market
in Santa Rosa, CA July 17th, 2016, photo by
Jason Baldwin